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Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
28 Scouts Forming Pyramid Mint $0.20 DU35
94 S.S.Chandpara 1949 Used $0.20 DU10
97 Madonna and Child by Murillo Used $0.20 DU11
100 Madonna and Child by Francesco Mazzuoli Used $0.40 DU13
127 Dickens Protrait Used $0.20 DU19
128 Charles Dickens, London Skyline Used $0.20 DU20
129 Dickens and Old Curiosity Ship Used $0.20 DU21
155 Ludwig van Beethoven Used $0.45 DU23
C57 Newton Portrait Used $0.20 DU26
C58 Portrait Avicenna Used $0.20 DU27
C61 Portrait Khalil Gibran Used $0.20 DU28
N/A Duke of Wellington Used $0.20 DU31
N/A Dr. Peral Used $0.20 DU32

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