Dhufar Publicty Labels
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Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
N/A Kensington Palace Used $0.20 DP1
N/A Cinnabar Used $0.20 DP2
N/A Lobster Used $0.20 DP3
N/A Peke Faced Persian Cats Used $0.20 DP4
N/A Canadian Horse and Sir Rowland Hill Used $0.20 DP5
N/A Traesman Used $0.20 DP6
N/A Soldier Used $0.20 DP7
N/A Purveyor Used $0.20 DP8
N/A Siliver Jubilee and The Choir High Alter Used $0.20 DP9
N/A Siliver Jubilee and Rose Window Used $0.20 DP10
N/A Siliver Jubilee and The Coronation Chair Used $0.20 DP11
N/A Siliver Jubilee and High Altar Used $0.20 DP12
N/A USA Flowers 2 Used $0.20 DP13
N/A USA Flowers 3 Used $0.20 DP14
N/A USA Flowers 10 Used $0.20 DP15
N/A USA Flowers 1.20 Used $0.20 DP16
N/A Papillon Dog Used $0.20 DP17
N/A Olympic 1972, Munich, Horse Show Jumping Used $0.20 DP18

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