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Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
54 Trakoscan Castle Used $0.40 CS3
68a Ante Pavelich 3.50 Mint $2.25 CS11
136 Indian in Chicago by Ivan Mestrovic Mint $1.10 CS34
137 Indian in Chicago by Ivan Mestrovic Mint $2.00 CS35
143 Christmas 1992 Mint $0.40 CS61
169 Miroslav Krieza, Writer Mint $0.35 CS89
170 Croatian Membership in UPU, 1st Anniv. Mint $1.40 CS90
171 Vlaho Paljetak, Composer Mint $0.35 CS91
172 Stamp Day Mint $0.35 CS92
173 Map of Istria, 1620 Mint $1.10 CS93
174 Tadija Smiciklas, Historian Mint $0.40 CS94
175 Archaelogical Museum, Split, Cent. Mint $0.45 CS95
B39 St. Mary Church and Cistercian Cloister, Zagreb Mint $3.00 CS62
B44 Mother and Children Mint $0.45 CS77
B49 Mother and Children Mint $1.10 CS81
J15 Numeral Postage Due 5 Condition Mint CS45
RA4 Wounded Soldier Used $0.20 CS50
RA21 Shrine of the Virgin, 700th Anniv. Mint $0.55 CS67
RA24 Red Cross and Tuberculosis Mint $0.70 CS101
RA25 Re-erection of Ban Josip Jelacic Equestrian Statue, Zagreb Mint $0.40 CS70
RA33 Red Cross Mint $0.20 CS104
RA34 Red Cross and Solidarity Mint $0.20 CS105

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