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Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
19 Leopard Overprinted Mint $0.20 CD1
65 Solidarity of the Community Mint $0.70 CD75
66 C.C.T.A. Issue(commission for technical cooperation in Africa 10th anniv.) Mint $1.25 CD76
70 Biltine and Dorcas Gazelle Mint $0.20 CD3
71 Logone and Elephant Mint $0.20 CD4
72 Batha and Lion Mint $0.20 CD5
85 Flag of African and Malagasy Union, 1st Anniversary Mint $0.90 CD77
90 Clay Weight Mint $0.20 CD9
116 Drum and Stool from National Museum Mint $0.20 CD10
117 Guitar from National Museum Mint $0.20 CD11
118 Shoulder Drums from National Museum Mint $0.20 CD12
139 Colotis Protomedia Butterfly Mint $1.75 CD80
154 Water Aiding Agriculture and Industry Mint $0.90 CD81
156 Boy Learning to Write Mint $0.90 CD82
163 Archers Rock Painting Mint $0.45 CD13
163 Archers Rock Painting Used $0.20 CD14
186 Sailing, G. Bretagne Mint $0.30 CD36
199 Tomie Smith, USA, 200m Run Mint $0.30 CD48
204 Dick Fosbury, USA, High Jump Mint $0.30 CD53
208 Portrait of an African Women by Bezombes Mint $0.30 CD85
220 Tetraodon Fahaka Strigosus Fish Mint $1.25 CD30
252 Gorrizia Dubiosa Insect Mint $1.25 CD17
435 R.H. Goddard Space Telescope Design Used $0.20 CD18
C11 Europafrica Issue Mint $1.60 CD88
C13 Map and Presidents of Chad, Congo, Gabon and Central African Republic Mint $1.60 CD57
C14 Globe and Emblem of Industry and Agriculture Mint $1.25 CD89
C19 Communication Symbols Mint $0.70 CD58
C52 Mahatma Gandhi Mint $1.10 CD90
C54 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mint $1.10 CD91
C55 Robert F. Kennedy Mint $1.10 CD92
C61 Village Life, by Goto Narcisse Mint $2.75 CD59
C72 Nativity, 15th Century Mint $1.00 CD73
J25 Two Antelopes Unused $0.35 CD25
J26 Three Antelopes Mint $0.35 CD26

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