Cape Verde
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Cape Verde
Scott Number Name Condition Price View Part Number
43 King Carlos Used $0.30 CV11
104 King Manuel II Overprinted Used $0.20 CV12
144 Ceres Unused $0.20 CV33
277 Map of Cape Verde Islands Mint $0.20 CV1
278 Vicente Dias and Goncalo de Cintra Mint $0.20 CV9
293 Facade of Jeronymos Convent Mint $0.20 CV3
308 Arms of Praia Mint $0.25 CV4
310 Arms of Ribeira Brava Mint $0.25 CV6
415 Prionace Glauca Fish Used $1.75 CV26
421 Hibiscus Flower Used $1.25 CV27
J23 Numeral Postage Due 2 Unused $0.30 CV31
RA3 Pombal Monument, Lisbon, Postal Tax Stamp Mint $1.25 CV8

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