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STAMP MASTER ALBUM is a company dedicated to making a stamp collector hobby more fun and creative. As a collector for more than 30 years. I have had plenty of experience with stamps. It all started a couple of years ago, when I decided to enter my stamps into my computer. Searching the market for a computer program that could display my stamps with their specification was unfounded. No where was their a program that could do that. There was only programs that contain a fixed number of stamps already in a database. What good were these programs if you could not find your stamp? What happen then? Since, I'm an engineer. I decided to create my own personal program. It was a large task that took many hours of research and testing. But the end result was worth it. This program works great. In fact, it work so good I decided to share it with my fellow stamp collectors. This is how Stamp Master Album came into existence. I only needed a way now to distribute it to my fellow collectors at a low cost. The web seem to be a good place to reach all my fellow collectors. So, here I'm am. The Stamp Master Album Program is no longer available because its software is out of date and I don't have time to rebuild it. But maybe someday I'll find time, to present it to the public again.

(Note: this is only a mail order address not a store. Customers will not be service if they stop by this address.)
855 Washington Post Rd Lot #306
New Bern N.C. 28562

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